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About RE-Colour

Our vision is to collect, melt and recycle used crayons and give them a new life! By diverting waste from landfills, we plan to educate both the youth and the general public on the importance of environmental intervention - in an effort to protect the earth we all inhabit. As a non-profit project, proceeds from selling the crayons will go towards covering basic operating costs while the rest will be directly donated to the youth of our province. We call upon all parents, youth and caretakers to donate all crayons you no longer have use for to this project.


Stay tuned for more information as this project evolves!



How do I get in touch to have crayons get collected?

Simply send us a message! (DM, email or contact us via our website)

- IG @recolourcrayons

Do they need to be peeled?

No! Our team will take care of sorting and peeling the crayons.


Do the crayons have to be in a certain type of container?

We encourage people to reuse an old some type of container or bag to hold the crayons. If needed, our team will be able to bring a collection bin as well!


What Covid precautions are being taken?

Our crayon collectors will be wearing masks and abiding by the health guidelines of social distancing. As such, we will only be doing contactless pickup ie: picking up from door steps and/or mailboxes. All collections will be left in storage for 5 days to ensure our safety.

247 - 25 Campus Drive

Saskatoon, SK S7N 5A7

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