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About Re-colour

Re-colour is a crayon recycling project that focuses on stopping one-time use crayons from heading to landfills. The project currently does this by collecting used crayons from restaurants and melting them into new ones. Our new Re-colour crayons are packaged into personal crayon kits to be donated to local schools. While dropping off the crayon kits to kindergarten classes we use this opportunity to open a discussion with the children about being environmentally friendly and sustainable. By diverting waste from landfills, we plan to educate both the youth and the general public on the importance of environmental intervention so that we can help protect the planet we call home.

We call upon all parents, youth and caretakers to donate all crayons you no longer have use for to this project.




How do I get in touch to have crayons get collected?

Simply send us a message! (Contact us via email)


Do they need to be peeled?

No! Our team will take care of sorting and peeling the crayons.


Do the crayons have to be in a certain type of container?

For the convenience of our community, we are happy to announce that collection containers can be provided upon request. Depending on one's schedule, a collection team can be dispatched to empty the containers.


What Covid precautions are being taken?

Collection containers are made of a durable metal with a plastic lid to allow for fast and efficient sanitization. Lids will be able to be secured in place with a crayon slot for both theft and safety reasons of children. Upon collection, crayons will be stored for a minimum of five days and heated to a temperature that will kill all bacteria and virus particles.


Invested 123 hours from 11 members

Team Building

Donated personal crayon kits to 3 classes and 35 children

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97.20 lbs of plastic waste diverted from landfills

This project in partnership with the national restaurant chain, Montana's.

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