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About Giving FWRd


Giving FWRd (Food Waste Reduction) was created after noticing the amount of food waste generated by the businesses that fuel the city of Saskatoon. Our original idea was to partner with event centers that provide catering to package the untouched food into individual meals to hand out to people in need. Due to COIVD-19, we had to adapt the our plan with a different approach. The project reduces food waste by selecting food nearing its expiration date and creating meals to distribute. By doing this, Giving FWRd has provided 121 individuals in the downtown neighbourhood with healthy meals during its two events.

This is our newest project and we hope that it continually expands its potential within the coming  school year.

Since the projects inception, we have...


Invested 106 hours from 18 members

Black Recycling Symbol (U+267B).png

242 lbs of food waste diverted from landfills

Team Building

Provided 121 individuals with healthy meals

Helping Hands

Aided 8 stores reduce unnecessary waste

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