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About Build-a-Business 

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Build-a-Business is a 4-week entrepreneurship program dedicated to teaching basic business skills to people with intellectual disabilities. Currently, Build-a-Business is partnered with Saskabilites, where participants experience 3 workshops (intro to entrepreneurship, intro to budgeting, and intro to marketing) to build and develop their business ideas with students on the Enactus team. At the end of the program, participants will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they’ve gained over the weeks by sharing their own business idea in a presentation and will be gifted a completion certification. Our goal is to provide the participants with the tools and confidence to take their business idea to the next level and create a career or job for themselves. Build-a-Business helps show that entrepreneurship is possible for everyone! 

This year, the workshops occurred in January and February, with plans of doing a second round of workshops in the upcoming Winter semester.


Invested 141 hours from 4 members

Team Building

Nearly 2x more participants than previous year

Prize Badge

Awarded $1,000 in start-up capital

This project is sponsored by Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan