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Re-Colour is an innovative solution to reduce waste, provide art supplies to children, and teach the next generation ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. The Enactus University of Saskatchewan team is partnered with Montana to collect crayons that would be otherwise discarded...

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Build a Business

Build-a-Business is a 4-week entrepreneurship program dedicated to teaching basic business skills to people with intellectual disabilities. Currently, Build-a-Business is partnered with SaskAbilities, where participants experience three workshops (Intro to Entrepreneurship, Intro to Budgeting, and Intro to Marketing)...

Giving Fwrd

Giving FWRd (Food Waste Reduction) was created after noticing the amount of food waste generated by the businesses that fuel the city of Saskatoon. Our original idea was to partner with event centers that provide catering to package the untouched food into individual meals to hand out to people in need...

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